QLD Solar Companies




Solar Uptime

(5.0) 46 reviews

ReGen EV charging install

(5.0) 17 reviews

Northern Energy Electrical Solutions

(5.0) 13 reviews

UAS Electrical Solutions

(5.0) 2 reviews

All Commercial Energy Solutions

Elmec Pty Ltd

Go Green Energy

(5.0) 157 reviews

Sun Connect Solar

SolarRun Redland Bay

(5.0) 35 reviews

Leading Edge Solar

(5.0) 1 reviews


  • Qualifying for the QLD Solar Rebate: What You Need to Know
    If you’re a resident of Queensland (QLD) and considering a solar system for your home, you may be wondering if you qualify for the QLD Solar Rebate. The good news is that most QLD residents are eligible for this incentive, provided they meet certain criteria. To help you determine your eligibility, let’s explore the requirements Read more…
  • QLD Government Solar Rebate Initiative: In-Depth Guide 2023
    The Queensland solar rebate program is a government initiative designed to facilitate the adoption of solar energy among Australians by subsidizing a significant portion of the installation costs. As of now, the solar rebate is still available in Queensland, with an average rebate of $2,873 for a 6.6kW system through Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). The Read more…